Miarante Jewelry Blog

  • Responsibly Sourced

     Miarante pieces use Tourmaline supplied by companies that focus on 'Fair trade Gems' which means that they are closely tracked from 'mine-to-market' to ensure every gem has been handled according to strict ethical and environmental protocols. 
  • The Backstory

    Miarante has been referred to as "an ode to the ethereal delicacy and untamed spirit of the Scottish landscape." The precious tourmaline stones and tiny diamonds are individually selected by Jenni and each piece has been inspired by the many different aspects of her homeland amongst the rugged m...
  • Craftsmanship & Care

      Each Miarante piece is carefully handcrafted in Chicago by a skilled production team. We use expert casters, polishers and stone setters so each stage has the full attention of one individual. When you purchase a Miarante piece you know that you are investing in something created with passion,...