Responsibly Sourced


Many pieces in the Miarante Tourmaline Collection uses recycled, unheated and untreated tourmaline, sourced at Bangkok, Thailand and Jaipur, India markets and procured directly and individually from miners and rough-stone dealers. This is then cut and polished by a skilled cutter based in Jaipur who has learnt everything by experience from the age of 13 when he started working for his father's business. The skill of stone cutting and polishing is passed down through generations. 

Unfortunately with soaring prices in the global marketplace for top-quality colored stones, Jaipur’s gem cutters and jewelers have increasingly found themselves outbid for supplies by larger and better-financed rivals. 

But by supporting a family owned business, knowing where the owners came from, how the business came together, knowing how they learnt their skills, gives a greater emotional investment and a strong sense of trust. Family business owners care deeply about their reputation, business, and customers, creating a strong sense of community among those who follow and support the company.  

Other Miarante pieces use Tourmaline supplied by companies that focus on 'Fair trade Gems' which means that they are closely tracked from 'mine-to-market' to ensure every gem has been handled according to strict ethical and environmental protocols. This ensures they come from safe cutting factories, safe and environmentally responsible mines, fair wages for workers and sustainable support for the communities who mine and cut stones. 

Choosing Fair Trade gems means making life better for the people whose labor brings you beautiful gem stones.


Miarante uses all natural Oregon Sunstones from a 'Mine to Market' organistion who privately own the Ponderosa Mine in Southeast Oregon, and are a committed to minimizing the impact of mining operations on the environment, and to improving the safety and well-being of the workforce.