Care Guide



Like the country of which it was inspired each Miarante piece has strength but also an element of delicacy; intricate design, craftsmanship detail and/or one of a kind tourmaline stones of various shapes, cuts and color. For this reason we ask that you take care of them by following the guidelines below. 

- Each Miarante piece comes with a suede pouch of the softest highest quality Italian suede. Use to store your jewelry and to travel with your jewelry.  

- For gemstones avoid any direct contact with water (especially high temperatures) chemical liquids, lotions, detergents and perfume. When not wearing store in a cool dry place in their suede pouch. 

- Our tourmaline stones can scratch, chip or break if dropped, so be careful when taking on and off. Remove your jewlery before removing clothing to avoid any snagging or damage. Remove before sleep, bathing and swimming.